Plastic, which is also known as fiber, is a less durable version of Zakharef's polyurethane (foam). Plastic skirtings are known to break easily, they are not impact resistant, they can crack and warp over time, making it appear as a cheap material. One of the greatest benefits of Zakharef's polyurethane over plastic (fiber) is that even if it does crack, it can easily be sanded down and fixed, plastic cannot be sanded down, it will just further cause damage to the item. 

Plastic (fiber) Skirtings are prone to cracking and warping, they cannot withstand the same amount of force that Zakharef Polyurethane (foam) can. Another benefit of using Zakharef Polyurethane (foam) is that it is 100% waterproof. It is completely dust free, ideal for renovations, flexible, easily paintable and incredibly easy to install. 

Zakharef's wooden polyurethane (foam) products are also the best alternative to real wood. Real wood is not also far more expensive than our alternative, it is also heavy and difficult to install. Zakharef's Polyurethane (foam) is cheaper, more durable, and light weight which gives it several advantages over real wood. It can easily be trimmed and shaped to fit anywhere inside or outside of your home. The Saudi weather is known to become extreme at times, which is why our wooden polyurethane (foam) is completely weatherproof. It will not warp or shape under extreme heat such as real wood. It is also resistant to bugs and odors, so you will not have to worry about any insects attempting to live inside of it. We strongly recommend using Zakharef's Adhesive when attempting to install any of our products, not only is it the strongest adhesive on the market, but you will not need to worry about your products falling down if you do. 

There are lots of differences between real stone and Zakharef's Polyurethane stone. For starters, as you can see by the picture, real stone can easily chip and will start to discolor over time, giving it a moldy and unpleasant look. When real stone chips, its hard to fix it without having to replace the whole tile, which is very expensive. If Zakharef's polyurethane stone chips, it can easily be sanded down and filled in with our finish paste. The major difference between real stone and our polyurethane stone is the fact that our polyurethane stone can be easily painted, it is extremely lightweight and easy to install. Also, our decorations are sound proof so you can cover a whole room with them to reduce any unwanted noises.

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